chiro- "by hand"  -practic "practice"


  • Chiropractic is the largest natural, drug-free, health care system in the world.
  • It works by reducing stress on the nerves, your physical connection between Body and Brain. A clear static-free nerve message, running back and forth, is necessary for optimal wellness. Any interference with the signal results in loss of function and health.
  • When your spine "gets out of whack", nerves get stressed, then whatever thoses nerves go to "gets out of whack".
  • Stressed nerves over-react at first causing too much activity; like a nervous stomach, overactive bowel, high blood pressure and pain.


  • Over time with chronic stress the nerves tire and slow down. They become sluggish leading to low function, decreased energy, poor digestion, weak bladder, poor immune function, etc., etc..


  • Every muscle, organ, tissue and gland needs a clear message to the brain to achieve optimal function and wellness.


  • Chiropractic get's to the "Root" cause not just the symptom. That's "The Big Idea".