What is Chiro/practic: “by hand”/”practice”

To little Jeffery it’s a cure for chronic ear infections. It helps Mary with her menstrual problems. For Bob it’s relief from headaches and neck pain.

Chiropractic is many things to many people, yet based on one simple truth.

Your nerves control everything.

Stomach, heart, muscles, liver, kidneys, blood flow, everything!

When your spine gets “out of wack”, nerves get irritated, “pinched” & inflamed and cause problems wherever those nerves go. If it’s your muscles you might have pain, numbness, or weakness. If it’s your stomach – heartburn and poor digestion can develop.

Chiropractic is the Art & Science of finding and then fixing spinal misalignments that interfer with proper nerve function, helping to restore a balanced state of “Whole Body Health”.

Safe, painless adjustments remove the pressure, calm the nerves and restore the body to more normal function without the use of dangerous drugs.

That’s “The Big Idea” about Chiropractic.

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